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       Bagan, Founded in 849 AD, it became the capital of the first unified Kingdom and the first multinational Union of Myanmar in 1044AD.42 square kilometers of open land, spreading along the east bank of the famed Ayeyarwaddy River, covered by 5,000 mysterious and magnificent stupas and hollow pagodas of a bygone era, make Bagan one of the wonders of the world. Here lies a great monument to one of Myanmar’s brilliant eras. Today it is a rich and premier archeological site that offers a rich heritage from a twelfth century empire. A panoramic view of this land at sunset will leave you with a lingering sense of awe and wonder.

Places to visit around Bagan

Manisithu Market Nyaung Oo (Known as Nyaung U Market as well)
Shwezigon Pagoda (one of the most famous Pagodas, believed Buddha’ hair relic were enshrined)
Shwe Gu Kyaung (Monastic education school for orphanage)
 Manuha Temple (built by a Mon Tribe King when he was in a house arrested in Bagan)
Wetkyi Inn Gubyaukgyi Pagoda (nice to see some mural painting on the wall)
Htilo Minlo Pagoda (in the height of 150 ft and fine plaster carving)
Alodaw Pyae Pagoda (believed as a wish fulfilling place)
Tharaba Gateway (to see the remain of 9th century wall)
Ananda Temple (nice to visit for its early architectural masterpiece)
Thatbyinnyu Temple (The highest temple in Bagan, 61 metres)
Dhammayan Gyi Temple (The most massive pagoda in Bagan)

Places for Sunset in Bagan

Lawkananda Pagoda (sunset on the river bank of Ayeyarwady River)
Shwe Sandaw Pagoda (famous for sunset was built by same King who builds Shwzigon Pagoda)
Bu Phaya (Also famous for riding a boat in the Ayeyarwady River for the sunset)

On the way to Mt.Popa

Visit a local family produce different type of toddy palm sugar made from toddy juice andetc…)
Tankyi Taung Pagoda (take a boat to cross the river and visit the place where Buddha stop and watched the place to be Bagan with full of temples and pagodas)
Bagan archiological Museum (officiallay opened sunce 1998 in old Bagan)
Tuyinn Taung Pagoda (the place where people taken stones to build Shwezigon Pagoda, on the way to Mt.Popa)

Nightlife in Bagan
          Nightlife in Bagan is such a different .Not like in Yangon. But, you still could go out for dinner to some restaurants nearby your Hotel even there is no Beer pubs, Disco clubs and Bars.

Activities in Bagan
           Hire some e-bike & bicycle to go around Bagan their self for fun. A visit to a Laquerware factory is a good experience. Bicycling back from Mt.Popa to Bagan is a fun too. Having dinner and watch a puppet show is another advantage of being in Bagan. Traditional massage is good enough for the brake of the day.

The most visited tour sites in Bagan
 Manisithu Market (Nyaung U)
Tharaba Gateway and Ananda Temple
Dhammayangyi Temple
Shwe Sandaw Pagoda or Lawka Nanda Pagoda or Bu Phaya is an option for sunset.

Other Places to visit around Bagan
     Mt.Popa, a 1,500-meter extinct volcano, about 67 km south east of Bagan is home of Myanmar’s “nats”-a collection of 37 supernatural beings. Twice yearly, thousands of people will gather here to attend the nats festival to honor these spirits.
     Salay,Visitors to the capital Bagan often make a 15 km south to see Salay, an ancient town rich in Myanmar’s culture. Salay is also on the great Aveyarwaddy Trip, like Bagan, another pleasurable way to get by one of the small motor boats available for hire and which usually leaves Bagan from the Bu-Phaya jetty. There is worth visiting for its exceptional 18th century wood carving works at “Yoke Son” monastery means all sorts of figures Monastery.

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